Josh Auxier's Bio

ACRES Real Estate strives to provide unparalleled knowledge and service to our clients. As Seattle’s Premier Full Service Real Estate Brokerage we provide superior service to our clients and have the knowledge and experience necessary to create solutions any real estate transaction not matter how complex.

Whether helping our clients to buy or sell their personal home or assist with maximizing the potential of investment properties. We strictly adhere to the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

Whatever your situation or need our brokers provide a single point of contact throughout your entire transaction. We are advocates for our clients interests; the person to answer questions, give advice, solve problems, and assure that your transaction proceeds through to a smooth & successful closing.

With over 20 years of sales, service and negotiation experience, Josh R Auxier (Owner/Designated Broker) ensures the main goal of all our brokers is to find our clients the best solution for their situation, with the least amount of time, money, and stress. During the process, we help our clients understand the many ways a real estate transaction can affect their lives for years to come. As professionals who are immersed in every aspect of the markets all day every day, we will bring to light and provide advice on many aspects of real estate transactions that less experienced brokers often overlook.

We look forward to serving your needs. You can be sure that because our business thrives on referrals and repeat business that only comes from providing our clients with superior service you will receive the best we can offer every time. We desire to leave every person we do business with in a better situation than when we met them, be it through housing, financial situation, education, or a new friendship. Thank you for any referrals you can provide.